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They Never Cease To Amaze Me


Kids bounce back. That’s the joy of being a child. Illnesses like pneumonia and ear infections, don’t hold them down for long. My sons are definitely past the road to recovery… they’ve recovered.

Yesterday was my eldest son’s first day back at school after a week. He was very excited. He was so happy to see his friends and teacher. He had a ball at recess. Came home with a “green”. So everyone was happy…or so you’d think.

Around bath time, he starts complaining of sore shins. (He probably wasn’t used to all the running around after being sick for a week.) He hobbles into the bathroom like an old man. I make a joke about him needing crutches which reduces him to tears. Feeling guilty for the joke, I get him a hot water bottle. We get him snuggled into bed and hope for the best.

About half an hour later, we hear him crying and we run upstairs. He is sitting up in bed, tears running down his face, telling us how much his leg hurts and how he needs ice. I massage his leg while my husband sets up the ice pack. We give him a dose of children’s advil.

As we are leaving the room, he starts sobbing again.

I ask, “What’s wrong now?”

He says sadly, “Now, I’ll never get to play hockey” and bursts into fresh tears.

I chuckled on the way downstairs. Honestly, I wish I could see into this kid’s brain and see how his thoughts travel.

I guess my future dream of being a hockey mom are over!

Now,  I’m crying too…..tears of joy.



Memories of Summer


On these cool, wet February days, it’s hard to imagine that less than 6 months ago we were sitting on the hot beach in New Jersey. Those days are never far from our mind. Our children often bring back the fun we had finding hermit crabs on the beach or seeing dolphins swimming off shore. Another memory fresh in their minds? The boardwalk and fried oreos. Fried oreos and orangeade were big hits with the boys so, we decided to recreate that summer feeling by frying our own oreos. Our inspiration was obviously our trip but also this article in Food Network Magazine:











Who knew you could fry all of these items? The Food Network that’s who.


So we bought some oreos









Made a super simple batter









At first the oil was too hot









But then, perfection










These treats are delicious and over the top. They are slightly crispy on the inside and warm and soft on the inside. Obviously, a “sometimes” food, these fried oreos are definitely something you should try whether you are recreating a New Jersey boardwalk or not.  The next time we are reminiscing about the beach we might try this orangeade recipe from Wikihow.

Don’t let these last days of winter get you down, take a walk down memory lane by creating some great dish that reminds you of the carefree days of summer.

Take That Cupid..


For those of you wondering, we did it! Or at least I did. I was ready for Valentine’s Day early. On Monday night all I had to do was take the cookies out of the freezer and lay out all of the products of our efforts on the table like this:








I thought everything turned out so well. I loved the way the cookies turned out. We didn’t use Martha Stewart’s clipart. Instead we used labels we found online. There are so many other options available. We even made our own french labels. I was so happy with the way they turned out that I can feel a repeat coming on. It helps that I still have almost a full box of paper cd envelopes left!









Hope your Valentine’s Day was as relaxed as ours.

They Never Cease to Amaze Me


Love is a many splendored thing, isn’t it? But when is love really love? My 5 year old strongly believes in love. He already claims to have a number of girlfriends. He seems to have a preference in looks. He only likes blonde-haired girls, or so he says. I don’t take too much of what he says too seriously. I mean, he also strongly believes in Santa Claus, leprechauns and cupid.

This week he told me, “I’m not going to school on Valentine’s day.”

I asked, “why not?”

He said something in French that I didn’t quite get.

He said, “you know the boy with the bow and arrows. He hits you with arrows. Those hurt. I’m not going to school!”

Holding in my laughter, I tried to explain that cupid shoots magic arrows that don’t hurt. They just make people fall in love.

He countered with, “My heart is already broken. Lori-Kim broke my heart.”

I didn’t know what to say to that.

What is the right advice for the broken hearted?

Cupid, this year. Take pity on my son and aim wide!

My New Linen Closet


Well, here it is. The big unveiling of my updated linen closet.

Updated, meaning in this case, clean. I went online and did some research for some pointers on organizing a linen closet. I went to the usual suspects: Martha Stewart and Real Simple.

I learned some interesting pieces of information along the way like you should have 3 sets of towels and 3 sets of sheets per person in the house. This way, there is a set in use, a set in the closet and a set in the laundry. Hmm…I had no idea. Another thing I learned was another way of folding sheets. I suppose this seems like common sense but it changed my life. Here’s a demonstration on how to fold sheets in a clean, organized way.

I used only items I already had on hand to help with my closet clean up. Here is a Melissa and Doug package, I used to organize floss, toothpaste, clippers etc.













I used two Ikea baskets to contain surplus items.

So with the help of much purging and my lovely ikea baskets, here is my linen closet now.
























Ah…what a breath of fresh air. Imagine being able to find everything? I can!

This success makes me want to tackle other scary places in my house like the pantry and the cedar closet. Stay tuned.

Sun Goes Down, It’s Tuesday Evening.


Ah Tuesdays. The forgotten day of the week. They have none of the excitement of Friday, or relaxation of Saturday or Sunday. They don’t have the dread of Monday. They don’t have the anticipation of Wednesday.

Ah, Tuesday.

Where does this Tuesday evening find you? Enjoying a family meal? Reading bedtime stories? Making lunches?

This Tuesday evening found us enjoying this meal: Pea risotto with squashy souffle (Thanks to Rachel Ray), bulgur orange and olive salad  (Thanks to Food Network Magazine) and baked apples. A meal like that makes every day, even Tuesday, exciting.

Pea Risotto with Squashy Souffle

Bulgur Salad

Baked Apple










































Also, we worked a little more on our Valentine’s Day cards. On a side note, I just wanted to share some other easy Valentine’s Day card crafts that we have made before. All are very easy and cute. They are from Disney Family Fun again. Owl cards, Elephant cards and Fish cards. I hope these ideas inspire you to make your own Valentine’s Day cards this year.

Enjoy the rest of Tuesday night – tomorrow is Wednesday. Ah, the middle of the week.

Spring Cleaning in January?


You think I’m crazy, don’t you? I think even I’d agree with you. Blame it on an overdose of caffeine but when we got home Sunday night,  I felt overwhelmed by the mess in my house. First, I washed the kitchen floor. Then Monday night, I washed the bathroom floor and then things really got serious. I decided to tackle one of the worst disasters of my house:

Disaster # 1: My linen closet











Here are my major problems:

1)I can never find anything I’m looking for. If we need the thermometer or tylenol, we have to take out so much stuff. It’s aggravating.

2)I never seem to have the space to put our towels or sheets after the laundry.

3) I keep buying new products and forget that we already have some extra in the closet.

These are the problems I plan to deal with in the next few days. Get ready! The change will blow your mind. Maybe this will be a clear indicator of spring unlike the disagreeing groundhogs!