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Sunday song for you


By popular demand from my kids (ha!), who grew to love Fleetwood Mac”s Rumours CD on our road trips to Maine and Prince Edward Island last summer:


Saturday Night in Toledo, Ohio


Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio is like…well…it was nothing like our Saturday here in Valleyfield.

Our day began with french toast and tropical smoothies.

It moved on to the outdoors where, thanks to our driveway clearer, there was a good-size hill begging to be climbed. We spent a while making a pretty good sliding track.

Back indoors for free play and Mark Bittman inspired fried rice – so good – heavy on the veggies. Roasted red peppers, broccoli, bok choy, peas and scallions!

Quiet time found me on the couch knitting up the solution to a major outdoor issue – mittens slipping off. I spent most of our time outside fixing our youngest son’s mittens which kept falling off. Now, I’m sure that this type of outerwear has a specific name but we’re calling them “mitten holders”. They are probably called cuffs or fingerless mittens. You just pull them up over your child’s mittens onto their coat. When we lived in the James Bay region, a woman from the village knit a pair for my husband. He loves them. We use that pair still for our eldest son. So, I basically improvised today’s pair. I looked through a pattern book I have from my mother for inspiration.

If you’d like to create a pair for your mitten-losing child, here’s what you do:

Cast on 40 stitches. Divide onto three double-pointed needles (12 Р16 -12). Knit two rows in ribbing (K1, P1). Then, knit straight until the desired length (These were 4in from cast on edge). Then, you can create the checkerboard pattern (or not). Then, for the ribbing, *knit 2 tog, k2, repeat from * on each needle (9st per needle). Cont in ribbing K1, P1 until desired length (These were 2 1/2 in), cast off. (These would fit children age 2 to 6)

These cuffs are so simple to make. They take less than a couple of hours and end a million emotional breakdowns (from both me and my son)

After quiet time, it was back outside. My youngest wore his one mitten holder and it worked. Unfortunately, the other mitten fell off almost constantly. We continued  sliding down our hill having a great time.

Inside again for hot chocolate and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Dinner was mushroom crostini, penne with cherry tomatoes and olives and this fabulous banana bread. Peanut Butter Banana Bread with Peanut Butter glaze. I was worried when I cut it that it would be dry but it wasn’t. The only change I made to the recipe was to replace part of the white flour with whole wheat and add chocolate chips. The glaze wasn’t very glaze-y but it was delicious.

Now, the kids are in bed. The day is technically over except for a mitten holder to finish.

I love weekends like these. Today was so much fun it was almost like we passed a week in one day – not exactly how John Denver meant it – but probably what he would have preferred.

I suggest you all take a walk down memory lane and spend some time rediscovering John Denver this evening just like I am.