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Pour me another tequila, Sheila


Back before I had kids, this was what Friday night looked like.

With kids, I often wish I was spending my Friday nights doing that!

Instead, I spend it doing this: cleaning our playroom. This is how the disaster area looked Friday afternoon:

And this is how it looked an hour later, with some help from #3.

Maybe not as much fun as the tequila, but at least I wasn’t hungover Saturday morning.


What Would Ma Ingalls Do?


I have two sick kids at home. One has pneumonia and the other, double ear infections. They were pretty sick but now with the medication kicking in, they are on their way to recovery. This is, of course exactly what I want but with the symptoms lessening, it means their demands, arguments and grumpiness are increasing. On days like these, stuck in the house with two tired grumpy children, I wonder what Ma Ingalls would do.

I don’t know much about Caroline Ingalls but I’m sure that she wouldn’t have let her kids stay all day in their pyjamas. She probably wouldn’t have had cotton swabs or construction paper. She wouldn’t  have had citrus juice to make a treat.

God bless you Mrs. Ingalls. I don’t know how you did it!

Here’s what we did today:

Read some more of The Long Winter

(How long can humans survive on potatoes and brown bread, just asking!)

Then made some easy to eat, practically guilt-free treats

(Citrus Jellies thanks to Every Day Food from Martha Stewart)

Here’s the recipe:

2 cups of orange or grapefruit juice ( I used a mix)

1/2 cup sugar

2 envelopes of gelatin

pour 1/2 cup of juice into a bowl. Sprinkle gelatin over and allow to dissolve.

Pour remaining juice into a pan with the sugar. Bring to a boil just to dissolve sugar. Take off heat and stir in the softened gelatin. Stir to dissolve.

Pour into an 8 x 8 baking pan. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Cut and serve. Then enjoy.

And did some crafting

(This project comes thanks to Busybee Kids Crafts)

crafting supplies

my example to show the boys

Zeke's snowflakes


Soule Inspiration


This week, I was inspired by Amanda Blake Soule’s post about her family’s backyard skating rink.

We also considered making a skating rink this year but never got around to it. But really, there’s no need for a backyard rink when the city maintains a beautiful skating park two minutes away.

Saturday morning we made our way to the rink. It was our youngest son’s first time skating. He wore two-blade skates for boots. It was our other son’s first time out on skates this winter. Lucky for us, the  chalet comes with red balance bars for kids. We had a great time. My husband and I didn’t get to do a lot of skating but the kids loved it.











We came home and had hot chocolate and kettle corn. If you haven’t tried this, you should.

Kettle Corn (Food Network Magazine)

3 tbsp vegetable oil

3 tbsp sugar

3/4 cup of popcorn kernels

Put all ingredients in a large pot with lid. Shake over high heat until the kernels stop popping so frequently. Salt and serve.

It is the best salty-sweet snack. Great for warming up on the couch after a morning of skating in the cold.

Now the weather has turned on us. The temperature has warmed up much to the chagrin of us skaters.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…my family and I want to skate today!

My New Linen Closet


Well, here it is. The big unveiling of my updated linen closet.

Updated, meaning in this case, clean. I went online and did some research for some pointers on organizing a linen closet. I went to the usual suspects: Martha Stewart and Real Simple.

I learned some interesting pieces of information along the way like you should have 3 sets of towels and 3 sets of sheets per person in the house. This way, there is a set in use, a set in the closet and a set in the laundry. Hmm…I had no idea. Another thing I learned was another way of folding sheets. I suppose this seems like common sense but it changed my life. Here’s a demonstration on how to fold sheets in a clean, organized way.

I used only items I already had on hand to help with my closet clean up. Here is a Melissa and Doug package, I used to organize floss, toothpaste, clippers etc.













I used two Ikea baskets to contain surplus items.

So with the help of much purging and my lovely ikea baskets, here is my linen closet now.
























Ah…what a breath of fresh air. Imagine being able to find everything? I can!

This success makes me want to tackle other scary places in my house like the pantry and the cedar closet. Stay tuned.

They Never Cease to Amaze Me


Kids have such a different take on our world. Take sporting events as an example.

This past weekend, we went to Rochester, New York for the Upper Atlantic Sport Stacking Tournament. My oldest son was taking part. He is five years old and it was his first experience with a sports competition, ever. He practiced before the event. He had his own little sport stacking corner in the basement. Actually, so does my husband. They stack back-to-back to practice like this.









The tournament was on Saturday. I didn’t get to stay and watch the whole event. The one time I did watch him stack, he spent most of his time staring at the big clock counting down not his own cups. I left to take care of my youngest.

When I came back in the afternoon,

I asked him, “How was your day? Did you have fun?”

To which he said, “I won 3 medals and 2 ribbons!”

I say, “that’s great!” and smile.

Then a cloud falls over him and he looks really sad.

I say, “What’s wrong?”

And he says, “But…I thought I was going to win ALL the medals.”













Ah…to be a kid again when we ALWAYS win EVERYTHING.

A short stay away….


Here is a picture of Isaac


Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?? That kid would lick the plastic off a spatula if it meant getting more icing off. (note to me: brush his teeth).
This picture was taken just before I went on a business trip to Montreal.

So let’s talk about business trips. For those who do it all the time, I get it, maybe it’s not for everyone ( except maybe George Clooney re: up in the air, but who has ever seen him in front of you in the air Canada line). However, for a gal who just a few years ago used to enjoy a free lifestyle, barrymore’s on a Sunday night and days spent at the barn – it’s totally awesome, right??? I know you are all nodding your head in agreement. But, with every business trip, one must play by the rules. For if you don’t, it may not be so easy to get away the next time…..

For example, rule #1:
Never show excitement in front of your husband. Of course you’d rather stay at home and drive to work, drive home, pick up the kid, make dinner, do bath, bedtime and collapse on the couch, right?? You couldn’t possibly enjoy something like…..


….This!!!! oh no, that king size bed with a billion pillows, your own tv, all conveniently located in a downtown Montreal hotel would be terrible!! I couldn’t dream of staying there for two nights!!!


Rule #2:
( phone call with hubby once you’ve made it there safe)
Hubby: how are the meetings?
You; oh god, never ending!!! I barely have any time to go to the bathroom. I’m exhausted.
Hubby: poor you, you should go to bed early tonight.
You: I will, because it’s going to be the same tomorrow.

Nicely played. Know what’s really going on?


That’s right, catching up on some reading and finding out that everything you put on your body is bad (don’t worry, I’m going to fix this – that’s to come in another blog). But seriously, in the real world, who has time to read for leisure? I don’t, except maybe on a ‘business trip’.

And rule # 3: indulge.
Sadly, for me, indulgence is this:


Mmmm….. Isn’t it ironic that the fear of chemicals in my make-up is freaking me out but I have no problem throwing back a quarter pounder. Funny how that works.

So readers, there are some of my simple rules to follow. The key to successful business meetings for a young mom: don’t make it look like you’re enjoying it!! (but we all know you secretly are).