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Pour me another tequila, Sheila


Back before I had kids, this was what Friday night looked like.

With kids, I often wish I was spending my Friday nights doing that!

Instead, I spend it doing this: cleaning our playroom. This is how the disaster area looked Friday afternoon:

And this is how it looked an hour later, with some help from #3.

Maybe not as much fun as the tequila, but at least I wasn’t hungover Saturday morning.


My New Linen Closet


Well, here it is. The big unveiling of my updated linen closet.

Updated, meaning in this case, clean. I went online and did some research for some pointers on organizing a linen closet. I went to the usual suspects: Martha Stewart and Real Simple.

I learned some interesting pieces of information along the way like you should have 3 sets of towels and 3 sets of sheets per person in the house. This way, there is a set in use, a set in the closet and a set in the laundry. Hmm…I had no idea. Another thing I learned was another way of folding sheets. I suppose this seems like common sense but it changed my life. Here’s a demonstration on how to fold sheets in a clean, organized way.

I used only items I already had on hand to help with my closet clean up. Here is a Melissa and Doug package, I used to organize floss, toothpaste, clippers etc.













I used two Ikea baskets to contain surplus items.

So with the help of much purgingĀ and my lovely ikea baskets, here is my linen closet now.
























Ah…what a breath of fresh air. Imagine being able to find everything? I can!

This success makes me want to tackle other scary places in my house like the pantry and the cedar closet. Stay tuned.