They Never Cease To Amaze Me


Kids bounce back. That’s the joy of being a child. Illnesses like pneumonia and ear infections, don’t hold them down for long. My sons are definitely past the road to recovery… they’ve recovered.

Yesterday was my eldest son’s first day back at school after a week. He was very excited. He was so happy to see his friends and teacher. He had a ball at recess. Came home with a “green”. So everyone was happy…or so you’d think.

Around bath time, he starts complaining of sore shins. (He probably wasn’t used to all the running around after being sick for a week.) He hobbles into the bathroom like an old man. I make a joke about him needing crutches which reduces him to tears. Feeling guilty for the joke, I get him a hot water bottle. We get him snuggled into bed and hope for the best.

About half an hour later, we hear him crying and we run upstairs. He is sitting up in bed, tears running down his face, telling us how much his leg hurts and how he needs ice. I massage his leg while my husband sets up the ice pack. We give him a dose of children’s advil.

As we are leaving the room, he starts sobbing again.

I ask, “What’s wrong now?”

He says sadly, “Now, I’ll never get to play hockey” and bursts into fresh tears.

I chuckled on the way downstairs. Honestly, I wish I could see into this kid’s brain and see how his thoughts travel.

I guess my future dream of being a hockey mom are over!

Now,  I’m crying too…..tears of joy.



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