Memories of Summer


On these cool, wet February days, it’s hard to imagine that less than 6 months ago we were sitting on the hot beach in New Jersey. Those days are never far from our mind. Our children often bring back the fun we had finding hermit crabs on the beach or seeing dolphins swimming off shore. Another memory fresh in their minds? The boardwalk and fried oreos. Fried oreos and orangeade were big hits with the boys so, we decided to recreate that summer feeling by frying our own oreos. Our inspiration was obviously our trip but also this article in Food Network Magazine:











Who knew you could fry all of these items? The Food Network that’s who.


So we bought some oreos









Made a super simple batter









At first the oil was too hot









But then, perfection










These treats are delicious and over the top. They are slightly crispy on the inside and warm and soft on the inside. Obviously, a “sometimes” food, these fried oreos are definitely something you should try whether you are recreating a New Jersey boardwalk or not.  The next time we are reminiscing about the beach we might try this orangeade recipe from Wikihow.

Don’t let these last days of winter get you down, take a walk down memory lane by creating some great dish that reminds you of the carefree days of summer.


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