They Never Cease to Amaze Me


Love is a many splendored thing, isn’t it? But when is love really love? My 5 year old strongly believes in love. He already claims to have a number of girlfriends. He seems to have a preference in looks. He only likes blonde-haired girls, or so he says. I don’t take too much of what he says too seriously. I mean, he also strongly believes in Santa Claus, leprechauns and cupid.

This week he told me, “I’m not going to school on Valentine’s day.”

I asked, “why not?”

He said something in French that I didn’t quite get.

He said, “you know the boy with the bow and arrows. He hits you with arrows. Those hurt. I’m not going to school!”

Holding in my laughter, I tried to explain that cupid shoots magic arrows that don’t hurt. They just make people fall in love.

He countered with, “My heart is already broken. Lori-Kim broke my heart.”

I didn’t know what to say to that.

What is the right advice for the broken hearted?

Cupid, this year. Take pity on my son and aim wide!


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