A forgotten snack


You all may have a favorite appetizer, I know I do. Well, I did. I use the past tense because I haven’t made it in a couple of months. It wasn’t until a good friend told me what she was having for lunch when I was like: OMG! I totally forgot about that! And so I was motivated to make it again (do you like my omg? Makes me feel young and hip).

So let me tell you the story of how I started making this…..
For those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting Kingston, Ontario, you may have visited a delectable bakery/restaurant called Chez Piggy. Everything is so delicious in there, definitely worth a stop!!

So one day I stopped into this bakery to buy a snack for work and decided to buy a small container of olive tapenade. Now, I’ve always disliked olives- blech. But, being open minded, decided to try a bit of this on a fresh baguette and ahhhhh…… It was love at first bite. How can I not love a salty snack when my favorite thing of all time is to sit down with a bowl of chips and lick all the salt off??!!

So here it is, thanks to my friend (you know who you are!), my little version of olive tapenade.

Ingredients: olive oil, olives (without pits), lemon, pepper, garlic, capers, and sun-dried tomatoes (the lovely thing with this appie is that you can add/delete what you would like!)


Drain the olives, throw them in the processor with a splash of olive oil, some garlic, a squeeze of lemon, couple of spoonfuls of capers and some of those oil infused tomatoes.

And pulse that appie. I like some texture to mine so I pulse it for maybe 30-40 seconds tops.


Oh yummo!!!! It’s 10pm and I’m drooling. Next step, some fresh bread and dig in!


The lovely thing about this is that it is super easy and is a hit at parties – Bon appetit!!!


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