Ahh Martha.


So a couple of months ago I decided to paint our ensuite bathroom. Desperately needed because I hated the khaki green colour (next, our bedroom – also khaki green). Instead? a neutral beige called  whisper bluff. I like to whisper that when I say it and really focus on the ‘f’ in bluff. It drives my husband crazy. Do it….whisper…bluffffff….

But you know when you paint a room, you need new wall hangings. I am el cheapo and am always trying to find an inexpensive way to decorate. Isn’t everyone?

So I turned to this lovely lady, Martha Stewart to see what she could inspire me with.

Turns out, she has LOTS of ideas!!! Sister 2 bought me this book for my birthday and it is FILLED with easy, do it yourself crafts and sewing. So I did it. I did it myself. And here’s the proof.

I tackled this project:


In this picture, Martha (because I truly believe that Martha does everything), embroidered some placemats – very cool looking. So I thought, I’ll do some embroidery and hang it! Easy, right?

Materials used:
– dollar store embroidery thread
– curtain material (neutral in colour and left over from a previous craft project)
– some embroidery stretchy wooden things (I’m sure there’s a name for these)
– tracing paper and pen (lent to me, this is the cheapest way to go)
– frames for Ikea (4 frames for $10)

So, Martha gives you  a cd that you can print off all the templates in the book. So I printed those off, used the tracing paper and pen, and started stitching:

(I love crafting while eating chips and watching grey’s anatomy, don’t you?)

Here are the pieces when I was done stitching:


Then I simply threw them into some frames:


Hung them on the wall:


(like the colour? remember…whisper blufff……)


Here’s a close up:


Presto!!! All done. I quite like it. Total time for craft, maybe 3 hours. Total cost (keeping on mind I already had some material and borrowed others) $20 tops.

Now, what else should I try Martha? Hmmmm……


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  1. No way. That is definitely whisper bluff. The lighting is throwing off the pics a bit but you can totally make it out in the second one.

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