Let me Roll it to Ya…


Anyone with kids knows probably the most unpleasant thing about school is the constant comparisons. Kids compare their clothes, school supplies and of course, their lunches. My son has just begun this school phenomenon. Here are some of his comparisons: (*All names have been changed)

“But *Johnny and Trevor* go to afterschool program

“*Geoffrey* brings his toys to school”

“No one else puts their lunch bag in their backpack”

And the list goes on and on. Last week, he came home to inform me that one of his classmates had a fruit roll up in his lunch. He asked could he have fruit roll ups too? I told him that fruit roll ups weren’t really a great snack but that we’d try to make our own. So here are the results of our efforts.

If at first you don’t succeed:

I found this healthy recipe for fruit leather on the CopyCat Cook blog. It looked right up my alley and since I had strawberries already in the fridge, I gave it a go.

I cut the strawberries. Blended them up. Poured them on parchment on a tray. Put them in the oven. About two hours later, it looked like this.












The outside edges were crispy and the middle was softer. Even when it had cooled, I couldn’t get it to roll like the picture from the blog.

On a positive note, the taste was delicious.











We ate all of it.

Try, try again:

Unsatisfied with the results of our first attempt, I decided to try the Food Network Magazine version I’d looked at before. Not as healthy as attempt # 1 but still better than store bought, I think. So I mixed up the preserves and cornstarch. Baked it. And this time, better results.












The “roll ups” were easy to roll.












My sons loved them. I liked them too. Also, they were so easy to make. There is almost no prep time. I also liked the way there were specific times and oven temperatures included. Some of the other recipes didn’t have those.

I just found another Food Network Magazine recipe for fruit leather. I guess my journey into healthy dried fruit snacks is not over. Stay tuned.


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  1. Hey Mel,
    How are you? It was great seeing you all last week! I love your blog and will try the fruit leather. I’ll let you know.

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