Laces, Cupcakes and Bread…Oh my!


Sometimes I feel like Dorothy in the dark forest in that scene from the Wizard of Oz. Today was one of those days.If only there were 48 hours in a day, maybe then I would feel like I could get something accomplished.  Juggling full-time work and two kids is a dodging a flying monkey…not easy!

Here was my day  in a nutshell:

Left the house at 7:15, taught all day, went to pick up my sons at school/daycare, arrived home (to find out that our beautiful beloved tree in the front yard is cracked in half), made supper (Tilapia in lemon butter sauce, orzo with spinach and feta), cleaned up, made 50 cupcakes for my husband’s fundraising event, worked with my son on tying his shoes, read to my youngest, put him to bed, started breadmaker and now it’s 7:30. I have laundry to do, lunches to make and homework to correct!

On days like these, when I feel over my head, I follow my sister’s advice and try to remember moments. Special moments. Meaningful moments. This helps slow down the whirring of my mind.

Here are my meaningful moments today:

Listening to my sons singing Sesame Street songs in the backseat of the car on the way home.

Making a delicious dinner that was enjoyed by my family.

Reading Steve Job’s biography during sustained silent reading.

Watching the gorgeous large snowflakes falling outside my classroom window.

Lying in bed with my son reading books and talking about what ifs.

When you feel like you’re going too fast, take time to slow down and enjoy life’s moments. If you do, cupcake baking, shoe lace tying and bread making don’t seem so scary.


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