A short stay away….


Here is a picture of Isaac


Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?? That kid would lick the plastic off a spatula if it meant getting more icing off. (note to me: brush his teeth).
This picture was taken just before I went on a business trip to Montreal.

So let’s talk about business trips. For those who do it all the time, I get it, maybe it’s not for everyone ( except maybe George Clooney re: up in the air, but who has ever seen him in front of you in the air Canada line). However, for a gal who just a few years ago used to enjoy a free lifestyle, barrymore’s on a Sunday night and days spent at the barn – it’s totally awesome, right??? I know you are all nodding your head in agreement. But, with every business trip, one must play by the rules. For if you don’t, it may not be so easy to get away the next time…..

For example, rule #1:
Never show excitement in front of your husband. Of course you’d rather stay at home and drive to work, drive home, pick up the kid, make dinner, do bath, bedtime and collapse on the couch, right?? You couldn’t possibly enjoy something like…..


….This!!!! oh no, that king size bed with a billion pillows, your own tv, all conveniently located in a downtown Montreal hotel would be terrible!! I couldn’t dream of staying there for two nights!!!


Rule #2:
( phone call with hubby once you’ve made it there safe)
Hubby: how are the meetings?
You; oh god, never ending!!! I barely have any time to go to the bathroom. I’m exhausted.
Hubby: poor you, you should go to bed early tonight.
You: I will, because it’s going to be the same tomorrow.

Nicely played. Know what’s really going on?


That’s right, catching up on some reading and finding out that everything you put on your body is bad (don’t worry, I’m going to fix this – that’s to come in another blog). But seriously, in the real world, who has time to read for leisure? I don’t, except maybe on a ‘business trip’.

And rule # 3: indulge.
Sadly, for me, indulgence is this:


Mmmm….. Isn’t it ironic that the fear of chemicals in my make-up is freaking me out but I have no problem throwing back a quarter pounder. Funny how that works.

So readers, there are some of my simple rules to follow. The key to successful business meetings for a young mom: don’t make it look like you’re enjoying it!! (but we all know you secretly are).


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