After school snack of the week


It’s almost that time of the day — snacktime. Everyone will be home from work or school within the next couple of hours, tired and hungry.

On the days that I don’t work “outside the home”, I like to whip up a healthy and delicious snack to help get through the hell hours of homework and dinner.

Since one of our family members is allergic to wheat and dairy, I’m always looking for delicious dairy and gluten-free options that everyone will love. I found an amazing one today, from the La Tartine Gourmande blog. Stunning photos, delicious food ideas, and many of the baked goods are gluten-free to boot. She also killed me with her pictures of a winter picnic at the beach. I’m so jealous!

I made these Cocoa and Banana muffins today, leaving out the black sesame seeds the recipe called for since I didn’t have any in the house. I subbed ground flaxseed and oat bran for the quinoa flakes and Earth Balance vegan margarine and vegetable oil for the butter.

Chocolat-icious, excellent texture, and look how high these babies rose! Can you tell they’re dairy and wheat free from looking at them? You’d never know from eating them!


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