A four letter word


Here’s a four letter word for you all – LEGO. Argh. This must be my punishment for being terrible in a former life. First of all, I give birth to two boys and then, people give us lego as gifts! I get it. I apologize for everything I’ve ever done.

My oldest son is 5 1/2. He is intrigued by Lego but he doesn’t have the light touch necessary for this toy. This morning, I spent over 30 minutes putting together a set of lego-like blocks. Then I spent the next 30 minutes re-putting it together as it was continually breaking. The set consists of a helicopter and fire truck. The helicopter was missing a piece and the truck had two extra pieces. The lego men don’t fit in the vehicles and the helicopter’s rotor blades fall off. If they don’t, they hit the tail rudder as they spin and then fall off.

Where are the helicopter and truck, you ask? Now, in the early evening, they are in a pile of blocks on the floor of my son’s room.

My husband is out of town for the weekend. I’ve been “single-parenting” it (as I like to say). So, perhaps my aggravation level is already at the breaking point but I curse Lego and all lego-like products using every four letter word in my repetoire.


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  1. Great post Sistah2- V’s received an explosion of dolls this holiday…dolls everywhere staring at you with those painted on eyes…..(shudder)

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