My bff….


I have a new bff. She may not know this. Actually, she probably really doesn’t know it, but she is. Well, when it comes to cooking at least. I’m talking about the cookbook written by the actor/singer (love her on glee!)/mom/wife – Gwyneth Paltrow!

I decided last night to make her chicken stock (sounds simple? it totally is). We had just finished a delicious new years day meal of some local chicken (thanks to Amy & Bruce) and decided to turn it into some stock but really, some soup for those cold, winter days.  Like right now when it’s supposed to go down to -16. You know, those nights.

So let’s start off with a beautiful photo of the recipe (isn’t it esthetically pleasing?). Now, my bff starts off by putting a full (ie. not cooked, fully rubbed in salt) organic chicken into the stock. I don’t know about the rest of hollywood ga-zillionnaires out there, but I roasted this bird first and and threw the carcass in there. I believe that most normal, middle-income people would do the same.

Meet Thomas the Train. He’s very curious. You know, he’s the number one blue engine.

Next: carcass in lots of water. The start of something beautiful.

Add the ‘roughly chopped up veggies’.

And now the herbs. I wish I had fresh herbs. I wish I had alot of things (like the recent $50 million Lotto-Max winning ticket) but I don’t. So I’ll settle for dry herbs.

Hold it. We have an audience! Ain’t she cute…. meet Tasha.

And a close up of Tasha. Pleasant. Pavlov’s effect. In my kitchen. I guess that’s at least someone who appreciates my cooking.

And now it’s boiling….mm…the smell of chicken stock. Nothing better. (Actually, that’s a lie. Coming home and smelling fresh cinnamon buns on the counter that your husband just finished making, that’s super awesome.  That’s another blog).

And the wonderful thing about chicken stock is that you literally let it cook on the stove. So I did. What did I do in the meantime? Well, I was able to ride this wonderful beast of an animal. Let me introduce you to: Heidi.

Isn’t she cute?!

So then, after a drive home, shower, and a big glass of water. You can do this (remove carcass/bones/etc).

Hmm… a bit blurry. All that hot steam!

And add in some rice (instant rice. Guilty. I have it in my pantry). Or pasta. Or potatoes. Or nothing. Whatever floats your boat.

And some delicious vegetables (whatever you so desire). I added beans (leftovers), corn, carrots, celery,etc…. And this is what you get – Yummy homemade chicken soup. Thanks Bff.


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