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They Never Cease to Amaze Me


Kids have such a different take on our world. Take sporting events as an example.

This past weekend, we went to Rochester, New York for the Upper Atlantic Sport Stacking Tournament. My oldest son was taking part. He is five years old and it was his first experience with a sports competition, ever. He practiced before the event. He had his own little sport stacking corner in the basement. Actually, so does my husband. They stack back-to-back to practice like this.









The tournament was on Saturday. I didn’t get to stay and watch the whole event. The one time I did watch him stack, he spent most of his time staring at the big clock counting down not his own cups. I left to take care of my youngest.

When I came back in the afternoon,

I asked him, “How was your day? Did you have fun?”

To which he said, “I won 3 medals and 2 ribbons!”

I say, “that’s great!” and smile.

Then a cloud falls over him and he looks really sad.

I say, “What’s wrong?”

And he says, “But…I thought I was going to win ALL the medals.”













Ah…to be a kid again when we ALWAYS win EVERYTHING.


In celebration of a blondie’s birthday…


So my blondie friend is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday the cuter, younger version of me!!!!

Okay, to help celebrate this blondie’s day (who is an Italian), I’ve decided to blow the dust off of David Rocco (also an italian) and see what I should try.

The lucky recipe?

Crocchettes di Patate ( aka potato balls – I think I like the Italian name better)

So imagine delicious mozzeralla, stuffed in mashed potatoes and fried in olive oil. Who’s drooling??

-potatoes? Check.


So, I have the cool, mashed potatoes (I just mashed them briefly), fresh Parmesan, eggs, salt and pepper…next step, like David says, let’s get our hands in there:


So apparently 6 potatoes makes a lot of balls (snicker, I know you want to). Into the HOT oil you go!


CRAP! This is why you should read the instructions carefully, I should have dipped them in egg before putting them into the oil.


Right, like that. But even though I forgot it, they browned nicely.


And while that was cooking, why not throw on some brussels spouts a la BFF


Okay, back to the Italians. Let’s open up those potato balls.


Oh, deliciousness. Now, how did the men like it?

One thumbs up. Now onto the real critic,





I hope that we can celebrate another birthday tomorrow…..

A weekend single-parenting….


This weekend found my husband on a ski-doo trip with the boys and me alone with our 2 year old. Hmmm…. What to do?
Hit up a museum with family!!

We headed to the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. I worried a bit about bringing a toddler to the museum, but here is some proof that is was enjoyed by all:


-woah! Dinosaurs!


– checking out some interactive stuff with his cousin


– pumping water is hard work!!


– Future Captain Feathersword (click here if you have no clue who that is)

Verdict? Would totally do that again. I love it when outings work out, don’t you??

And to finish off the day, a stop into Chapters saw this:


I really had no clue that Darth was in town!!

At 8:30, when baby was asleep and I was on the couch with some chips (best snack ever!!), I managed to finish this knitting project for a baby shower gift.


Like it? Super cute hat. The patter for it is from this book, More last minute knitted gifts, which is full of super cute patterns. Perfect for those nights by yourself…..

Let me Roll it to Ya…


Anyone with kids knows probably the most unpleasant thing about school is the constant comparisons. Kids compare their clothes, school supplies and of course, their lunches. My son has just begun this school phenomenon. Here are some of his comparisons: (*All names have been changed)

“But *Johnny and Trevor* go to afterschool program

“*Geoffrey* brings his toys to school”

“No one else puts their lunch bag in their backpack”

And the list goes on and on. Last week, he came home to inform me that one of his classmates had a fruit roll up in his lunch. He asked could he have fruit roll ups too? I told him that fruit roll ups weren’t really a great snack but that we’d try to make our own. So here are the results of our efforts.

If at first you don’t succeed:

I found this healthy recipe for fruit leather on the CopyCat Cook blog. It looked right up my alley and since I had strawberries already in the fridge, I gave it a go.

I cut the strawberries. Blended them up. Poured them on parchment on a tray. Put them in the oven. About two hours later, it looked like this.












The outside edges were crispy and the middle was softer. Even when it had cooled, I couldn’t get it to roll like the picture from the blog.

On a positive note, the taste was delicious.











We ate all of it.

Try, try again:

Unsatisfied with the results of our first attempt, I decided to try the Food Network Magazine version I’d looked at before. Not as healthy as attempt # 1 but still better than store bought, I think. So I mixed up the preserves and cornstarch. Baked it. And this time, better results.












The “roll ups” were easy to roll.












My sons loved them. I liked them too. Also, they were so easy to make. There is almost no prep time. I also liked the way there were specific times and oven temperatures included. Some of the other recipes didn’t have those.

I just found another Food Network Magazine recipe for fruit leather. I guess my journey into healthy dried fruit snacks is not over. Stay tuned.